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| July 13, 2010 | 1 comment

{SCA} Pakistani Film Actress Noor and his Indian Ex Husband Vikram Bandani Fighting before Nadia Khan Show. Lollywood actress Noor being harassed by his ex husband, Nadia Khan plays important role to stop this fight. Noor thanks full to nadia khan for her timely support.

In 2004, Noor got married with Indian businessman Vikram who lives in Dubai; the wedding was love marriage and Noor left showbiz as her husband didn’t permit her. After embracing Islam, Vikram got his new name Waqar and married with Noor according to Islamic rules and regulations.

At the time of marriage it was settled that Vikram would introduce him as a Muslim husband but after sometimes he went against his promise and he refused to admit so.

This matter became the reason of their differences. On this account, dispute started among them after sometimes of their marriage and with the passage of time this dispute reached to extremism.

Watch video picture of  Noor and Vikram Bandani arguments in a lobby when he came to participate in Nadia Khan Show.

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One Response to “Noor Pakistani Film Actress and Indian Ex Husband Vikram Bandani Fighting Video”

  1. iqra says:

    She fell in love with him when he was a hindu hence at the time him being muslim or not didn’t matter if it did she would not have dated him etc full stop. Personally i believe you can’t change a person to suit your needs etc question is even if he does convert etc would she go back I doubt it. For her its an excuse to bring religion into it; to look good back in lahore pakistan.