Acne Cure At Overnight with Home Remedies

Sometimes daily treatment of acne may not serve the purpose and you may be worried about how to get rid of acne overnight. In such times you resort to what is called the acne overnight treatment. Such treatment could be a valuable addition to your arsenal for fighting the acne blemishes.

You should have no worries since overnight acne cure is now available. In order to get rid of acne overnight you simply apply the product directly on the affected skin areas for a normal period of thirty minutes. These are highly concentrated medicines and are used normally for spot treatments like getting rid of pimple overnight.

These spot treatments can be carried on using both medicated products as well as natural ingredients. In both cases the objective is the same, to clear acne overnight. However, the best of the formulas seems to be a combination of aloe and vitamin E which is the latest acne treatment.

Acne Cure at Overnight with Home Remedies:

What is more interesting about these natural remedies is that they are home-made, natural, least expensive and very effective. It would not hurt you at all, financially or physically, to try out any of these cheap overnight home remedies for acne.

Garlic: Take fresh garlic cloves and after crushing them, apply on your face. Or you can also eat one or two cloves daily in the morning for long-term benefits.

Egg Whites: Eggs are often used in skin care as perfect and emergency treatment for inflammation and also skin problems. Preparing an egg white mask and applying it to the affected spot or the whole face will prevent the appearance of these blemishes and will also offer cure for pimples that are already popped up on our face.

After you covered the critical sections, wait until it completely dries and then finally rinse it off with lukewarm water. Feel free to enjoy the benefits of similar natural facials and include them either in your daily or at least weekly skin care routine.

Basil: Organic treatment are frequently used as substitutes for the multitude of chemical-based beauty products. Those who decide to go green should know about the miraculous effect of several plants and spices to appeal to them when facing a similar problem. Pimples can be efficiently treated with basil leaves.

All you have to do is dip 2-3 tbs of dried leaves into hot water. Leave them there for 10-20 minutes then let the lotion cool down. Then dip a cotton swap into the liquid and apply it to the pimples. There’s no need to wash it off, just take advantage of the soothing and healing effects.

Toothpaste: Toothpaste is one of the time-tested methods that wouldn’t completely banish pimples still it will dry them reducing the inflammation and redness. Moreover the anti-bacterial elements in the composition of the paste will efficiently cleanse the affected area. Apply only a drop of it to create a fine and thin coverage and leave it overnight. This method is one of the easiest and traditional zit treatments that can also prevent the pimples from spreading.

In order to avoid any unpleasant consequences limit the use only to the pimples and not the whole face because the paste might dry out your skin when used in extreme amounts.

Calamine Lotion: First clean your face or the affected area with an astringent. Then apply calamine lotion over the affected areas and leave it for overnight and wash it in the morning.

Strawberry: Place strawberry leaves over your affected areas as the alkalinity in the leaves helps to reduce the swelling of the pimples.

Mint: You can also apply mint juice over the affected areas every night. This remedy is best for all skin infections.

Lemon with rose water: Take equal amounts of lemon extract and rose water and apply it over your face for say half an hour. Wash your face with fresh water or warm water and see the results in fifteen days.

Orange: Get the orange peel and make a paste out of it with some water in it. Then apply over your pimples for the best results.

Rose Water: Apply rose water alone over your affected parts for twice or thrice a day.


Never squeeze your acne. It can result in skin damage and scarring.