Acne Medicine Symptoms and Causes – Drugs that Affects Acne

{SCA} Acne Causes

Some people believe that the causes of Acne are bacteria, but this is not the case. If it were so, then all that you would need to do is apply topical cleansers and the condition would disappear. We all know it is not that easy.

The real cause of acne is from your body becoming overly acidic or toxic. To explain we will take a quick look at how toxins accumulate in the body. From there you will understand how they cause Acne.

The Source Of Toxins

Some toxins come about as a result of changes in our bodies as we grow (hormones) and some from our bodies reaction to events (stress, fatigue)

We also live in a world which has many more toxins than there were in the past. As cities get bigger, food is produced more efficiently and our environment becomes more “high tech”, our bodies are subjected to more and more synthetic substances.

So unless you live well away from the main centers, grow your own food and make your own habitat it is very difficult to not to be affected by them.

Here is a short list of ways acids and toxins buildup in our bodies

  • Hormones during puberty and menopause (this may cause the oil glands to plug up more often)
  • Hormone changes during pregnancy
  • Acidic food ( meat, wheat, sugars etc)
  • Water/air pollution
  • Stress
  • Prescription medicines
  • Chemicals, hormones and additive in food
  • Vitamin deficiencies
  • Starting or stopping birth control pills
  • Heredity (if you parents had Acne, you might get it too)
  • Some types of medicine
  • Greasy makeup

Symptoms Of Toxicity

There are tell tale signs of toxicity in the body. If you experience one or some of these then they may be related to a toxin build-up:

  • Excess weight
  • Skin disorders including acne
  • Low stress tolerance
  • Irritability
  • Protruding belly
  • Hemorrhoids
  • Bad breath
  • Frequent gas & bloating
  • Constipation
  • Frequent head aches
  • Low energy
  • Frequent illness

The link between toxicity and acne

Acne occurs when your bowels and kidneys are unable to remove all the toxins that are in your body. (The two primary channels of elimination for toxins and waste products are through your kidneys and bowels).

When your bowels and kidneys become clogged and overloaded with toxins they do not work properly. When that happens some of the load is transferred to your liver..

This now means that your liver is working overtime doing some of your kidneys work. Eventually your liver becomes overloaded also and is unable to process the incoming toxins.

At this point your body will use your skin and lungs to expel toxins (The lungs and skin are backup channels of elimination). Now toxins are all over your skin and your body is continuing to ingest more. Suddenly acne causing bacteria find your skin to be an excellent place to live.

Acne now occurs and your skin develops “break-outs”. This doesn’t happen in clean, alkaline skin as it is not somewhere that Acne can live.

So in this way, you should look on Acne as being a sign. Its a symptom caused by other elements not working as well as they should in your body.