Effective Adult Acne Skin Care and Treatment Tips

Acne is generally a teenage problem but it can return in adult life between the ages of 25-40 years of age. Adult acne can be caused through a variety of different reasons. The hormones in birth control pills, a possible hormone imbalance, stress, excessive sweating or being a hot climate can cause pimples, poor quality make up choices and it is also down to genetics.

Causes Adult Acne

Adult acne stems from the same basic causes as all other acne. Plugged pores result from excess sebum and dead skin cells. However, the external causes may have changed. In adults, acne breakouts often occur due to a change in diet, stress, medication, or cosmetics. When suffering a sudden breakout, check to see what has changed before jumping on the next miracle skin treatment. Even if the problem has been continuous, those factors are worthy of consideration as a change in one or all of them could significantly reduce the severity of the acne problem. However, in the case of an irreversible lifestyle change or continuous acne breakouts, seek an acne treatment that can help you in the long term. Unlike teen acne, adult acne will be there to stay, unless the method used to dispose of it sticks around just as long. Of course, for severe acne contact a dermatologist.

Blackheads are a big problem in adult acne although they are not caused by dirt. It is a combination of dead skin cells and oil that become trapped within the pores; this then clogs the duct that mixes with bacteria that turns black once it is exposed to the air. Whiteheads are a collection of sebum and keratin that plugs the opening of the pilosebaceous unit (skin pore) and imbeds itself in the follicular canal under the skin so that it looks like a raised, white bump. It is also often called as a closed comedone.

Adult Acne Skin Care Tips

  • Make sure your hands stay away from the face. The hands are common carriers for bacteria & dirt which can easily be passed on to the face, thereby worsening adult acne problems.
  • Exercise regularly to combat acne from within. Exercise is known to reduce stress, increase circulation and improve oxygen penetration, which are all factors that can impact your skin and help to get rid of adult acne. It may seem strange that “exercise” could have any sort of effect on adult acne, but its 100% true. Try it and see!
  • Do not pop, pick or squeeze any pimples or blemishes on your face. This action usually contributes to bacteria buildup as well as increases the possibility of scarring.
  • When heading off to bed, be sure to pull your hair away from the face as well as avoid going to bed with makeup on (if you’re a women). These two factors can contribute significantly to bacteria buildup and the clogging of pores.
  • Drink a lot of water each and every day; several glasses (about 6-8 should be sufficient). Why is drinking water important? Because water helps to flush the system of toxins and bacteria that can cause acne. Plus, a constant intake of water is very beneficial to your skin cells, as it keeps them hydrated.
  • Always wash your face at least two times daily, once in the morning then again at night. This prevents buildup of oils and bacteria that can contribute to acne in adults.
  • Always shower after a workout to prevent too much buildup of oil which can and will clog the pores of your skin. Clogged pores result in more severe adult acne skin care problems.
  • Treat your face regularly with a mask made of oatmeal. The simple mask just involves cooking oatmeal, cooling it and applying it on to the face liberally. It is then rinsed off (after about 20 minutes) and the face is then patted dried. Oatmeal has very good exfoliating properties which helps to remove acne and improve your skin’s overall look & feel.
  • Always keep a clean pillowcase on your pillows. If this means changing your pillowcases three times a week, this is what needs to be done to ensure you do not expose your skin to excessive amounts of bacteria, dust, dirt, and oils. Limit contact with these substances and your adult acne skin care problems will go away much faster.
  • Try to get yourself on a more balanced and nutritious diet antioxidant rich food is IMPORTANT. This WILL contribute positively to the generation of newer, healthier skin cells.

Remedies for Adult Acne Skin Care

Apple Cider Vinegar Steam

Facial steaming has endless benefits, one would be to soften the accumulated sebum and other dirt in your pores and also enhance the elimination of blackheads. However you can also use it to treat adult acne.In this case heat some water in a larger bowl, add 5-6 tbs of apple cider vinegar to it. Leave the mixture cool down, then cover you head with a towel and keep your face over the steaming treatment for at least 15-20 minutes. Repeat this at least every 2 days or on a weekly basis.


A healthy diet can also spare us from a multitude of problems. Avocado can be named as one of the top elements of a balanced eating plan. In this first and foremost prepare and avocado paste and add a few drops of water to soften it. Use a cotton ball as the main instrument to cover the affected area with this mixture. Leave the face enjoy the benefits of avocado wrap for at least 20 minutes then wash it off with pure water.

Lemon and Rose Water

These ingredients have a miraculous effect on our skin and organism in general. The smashing combo of these elements is the quickest and most efficient emergency treatment for various skin problems. Therefore all you have to do is mix 2-3 teaspoons of fresh and organic lemon juice with an equal amount of rose water. The dip a cotton ball into the lotion and rub the affected area with it. Whether the acne is on your body or your face, use it with great confidence. Leave it exercise its effect for at least an hour, then finally rinse it off with lukewarm water. Include this trick into your daily skin care routine for at least a month.

Egg Whites

Due to the various anti-oxidants found in this ingredient, it is also used as one of the main home remedies for adult acne. Prepare a smaller bowl of egg whites and dip a cotton ball in it. Remove the excess and apply it to your face or only the affected areas. It will not only reduce the inflammation and offer a protective shield to your skin but will also grant you with a smooth and soft complexion. Leave it on for at least an hour and rinse it off with water.

Getting rid of adult acne is fairly easy as long as you focus on ensuring that activities which cause bacteria buildup are avoided. Always ensure that your face remains clean throughout the course of the day and you won’t put yourself at unnecessary risk of getting acne and/or suffering the terrible after effects of the condition; such as acne scarring. These tips are more than sufficient for keeping any and all adult acne problems at bay; that being said, get to using them right now!