How To Cover Up Acne Blemishes

Acne may be natural, but it isn’t fun. You can cover a blemish with makeup, but if you’re not careful, you could end up with a cakey clump on your face.¬†Before you crash down on the couch and press for emergency beauty aid, know that you can easily guise your pimple, acne, zits, whiteheads and even those disgusting looking blackheads just by a stroke of a concealer.¬†Here’s our step-by-step guide on how to hide those unwanted blemishes beautifully without damaging your skin.

The Most Effective Ways To Hide Your Blemishes

  • Use a clean washcloth and a bar of soap to cleanse the surface. Try and stay away from makeup remover cloths, as they use certain chemicals that may sting or burn your blemish. Use hot water and press on your blemish. Make sure that you’ve thoroughly washed and gently pat your face dry.
  • Apply a thin coat of moisturizer to your entire face. Use only a water-base moisturizer that absorbs quickly into your skin. The moisturizer forms a barrier over your face, smoothing your skin.
  • Choose a concealer which would match best the color of the spot you wish to conceal. Usually you can find concealers colored in 3 different colors, green, yellow and lavender. Yellow tone concealer works best in concealing dark, bluish colored bruises, dark circles and reddish spots.
  • Using a powder brush, dust on some translucent powder on your face. Sweep the brush over the face powder and tap off gently to shake off the excess powder. Gently brush the powder onto your face, evenly covering your forehead, cheeks, chin and nose to set things in place.
  • Once you’ve covered up your blemish with concealer, put your makeup on as you normally would. There’s no reason to over-do your makeup to distract from your pimple. It’s better to go with your natural makeup routine.
  • Apply the foundation in a downward motion making sure not to rub too much in the area where the concealer was applied. Set the foundation with loose powder and you are all set.

Blemishes can turn even the prettiest of faces into an eyesore. Follow these easy steps in protecting your beautiful face and preventing the next appearance.