How To Get Rid of Acne Before Valentine’s Day

Acne isn’t just something teenagers deal with. Many of us are still battling zits, pimples, bumps, blackheads and whiteheads despite being well over 18-years-old. Acne is an inflammation of the skin, which turns into breakouts. There are few side effects of acne like discoloration of skin, irritation, dry skin or chipping of skin.

So, Valentine’s day is coming, today’s I have decide to shared few tips about acne because you can prepare your skin for your some one special on Valentine’s day. There are various natural ingredients that you can apply on your skin to remove acne from your face. Try some of these simple and natural home remedies to fight off those pesky acne.

Acne Care Tips To Prepare Your Skin for Valentine’s Day

  • Honey has not only add flavor to food. Honey works effectively to get rid of acne naturally. Mix two tablespoons of honey with rose water and apply it over the face. Leave it for 5-10 minutes and rinse with warm water. Honey pulls out all the dirt. Rose water leaves the skin smooth and supple.
  • Lemon is a natural bleach. Vitamin C in lemon helps in rebuilding collagen. When you use lime juice on your acne scars, the spots get lighter day by day.
  • Steam can be helpful for treating acne because it helps to open up your pores, which prevents them from being clogged. Steam also moisturizes and detoxifies your skin.
  • Organic vegetables are pesticide– and fungicide-free. Once in our body, those and other chemicals intoxicate our blood and cause breakouts. Avoid any kind of processed food.
  • Take a fresh garlic clove and cut it into pieces. Rub garlic pieces on acne affected area and leave it for five minutes. Wash your skin with lukewarm water. Garlic act as an antiseptic and kill bacteria and helps in quick healing of acne naturally. Repeat this several times in a day to notice a remarkable difference.
  • Aloe Vera: This wonder herb, Aloe Vera, not only soothes swollen skin but also helps in regenerating damaged tissues boosting the healing process. It’s better to use fresh gel like substance directly from the aloe vera leaf than to use over the counter products containing aloe vera.
  • Keeping your body fully hydrated helps you to flush toxins that may be in your blood, and your skin becomes smooth and clear as a result. Always carry a small bottle of water in your purse and take frequent sips throughout the day.
  • Cucumber works as an anti-inflammatory, which is why people use cucumber slices to combat puffy eyes! They work just as well for pimples and will help to reduce the angry redness of them. You can make a paste by by combining finely grated cucumber with two to three teaspoons of lemon juice and applying it to your skin. Leave for ten to fifteen minutes before washing off.

All the above remedies for acne are good but there are some that will be more suitable for your skin type. Have another remedy for acne? Let us know about it in the comments section below.