How to Get Rid of Adult Acne: Best Tips for Treatment

Adult acne is an extremely common problem, affecting almost half of adult women and one out of four men at some time in their lives. Adult acne can be embarrassing and is definitely unsightly and socially awkward.

What Causes Adult Acne?

Many women due to hormonal imbalance suffer from adult acne. Menstruation cycles, pregnancy, or menopause cause estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone levels are reflected in the condition of their skin. Women with adult acne often develop depression and anxieties, which further aggravates the problem. Acne in adult men and women can also be caused by hormone changes brought on by the normal aging process and stressful life experiences.

When the acne becomes more serious or uncontrollable its important to seek out help before scarring forms. With natural remedies available that can provide an adult acne cure in as little as 3 days that is the route I would recommend first.

One of the causes of the adult onset acne is bad diet. Poor nutrition has an effect on all parts of the body. Therefore aside from the adult acne products it would be wise that one also alters the diet that they already have so that the results are long lived.

Though many factors can lead to outbreaks of acne, the most common culprit is the very same one that made its presence in the teen years, hormones. Adult acne is just as devastating as teenage acne. Although levels of androgen hormones such as testosterone and estrogen taper off sharply after puberty and continue to decline throughout life, large fluctuations do occur. Though the fluctuations do occur in men, they are much more common in women.

Sharp hormonal fluctuations occur during ovulation, menstruation, pregnancy, etc. and can trigger acne outbreaks. Certain types of birth control can also spark outbreaks. Hormones, though the most common, are not the only cause. Chemical irritation can also promote adult onset acne. Cosmetics, moisturizers, etc., especially those containing oils, can clog pores and cause reactions leading to adult onset acne. For men, this is often due to shaving related products or techniques.

Treatment For Adult Acne

The specific medicines (Salicylic acid or sulfur) that contain salicylic acid or sulfur, can help reduce blockage of hair follicles, and thereby alleviate the burning sensation is experienced as a result thereof. Many medicines available without prescription, contain these ingredients are commonly used by both adolescents and adults.

It works by drying the skin eruptions and preventing new pimples from forming. This medicine is a drug sold under prescription, and should not be used by those with high sun exposure. If the acne becomes infected or inflamed, doctors usually prescribe antibiotics as a cream or lotion. These treatments are usually very effective.

In severe cases of adult acne treatments is usually done with preparations containing isotretinoin, also a derivative of Vitamin A. Although these preparations can sometimes eliminate acne for extended periods, even years, they have their drawbacks. Some of the side effects are muscle aches, headaches, itching and possible birth defects if taken by women who are pregnant.

Corticosteroids are also frequently used to treat severe cases of adult acne. Estrogen, which suppresses the production of oil in the skin, has also been used as effective for adult acne, but also have their disadvantages, which include blood clots, so rarely used.

In severe cases of adult acne is essential to seek the intervention of a doctor or a dermatologist, since they can not be effectively treated with commercial preparations.

Herbal Treatment

In terms of herbal treatment, a number of herbs like chamomile, juniper, and dandelion root are considered potent for fighting acne. Such herbs are noted as among the best treatment for adult acne since have the power to lessen toxicity and improve the overall condition of the skin. Some of the herbs like Echinacea and poke root are noted for their anti-inflammatory properties, so they are deemed as among the best treatment for adult acne.


Surgery is the best treatment for adult acne, especially those in severe cases. This treatment is often used to open up the blotches and eliminate the whiteheads and blackheads. As the best treatment for adult acne in severe cases, the effects of surgery are more immediate than the medication treatments. And, it may even reduce the formation of acne scars.


You will also want to build up your awareness of everything you put on your face: every cleansing product, every toner, every moisturizing product and every single cosmetic. Read the labels very carefully. If a product does not clog pores and is therefore good for acne prone skin, it will say so right on the label. Also, the less facial makeup (foundation, powder, blush, etc.) you wear, the better, particularly if you want to get rid of adult acne. Some women are partial to Bare Minerals and other mineral makeup brands, as they feel such all natural products are better for their skin and assist them in their efforts to get rid of adult acne.