How To Treat Acne For Black Skin

The black men and women find acne treatment for black skin rather difficult. Acne is a skin problem which is common and consists of blackheads, whiteheads and also some big boil-like nodules or cysts. For the most part, acne is a colorblind disease. It develops and is treated the same way regardless of skin tone. However, darker skin tends to get dark spots (post-inflammatory hyper pigmentation) after an acne lesion goes away.

Regardless of your age, race, demographic location or other factors, just about anybody can be prone to getting acne. This inflammatory skin condition can affect anybody and is characterized by skin eruptions caused by sudden and strong outflows of sebum. It is in no way tied into who you are or where you are from, and there are only a few cases where “specific” groups of people are affected more greatly than others. Many people have the notion that people with black skin suffer worse aftereffects than people with lighter skin, which is a notion that could not be further from the truth.

Acne treatments for Black Skin is not much different as for other skin colors. But there are certain things you’re more sensitive to, and should keep in mind. Find out about a safe treatment and you’ll see the difference. Let’s start with home remedies. You may be be suspicious to use things your granny used but trust me, today medicine is not as efficient without the things your granny used.

Acne treatment for black skin is basically the same as treatment for all skin shades, except that people with darker skin need to avoid acne treatments that may lighten their skin color. People with darker skin have higher levels of melanin, which is the pigment that causes the darker tone. As a result, the skin becomes more sensitive to certain treatments.

Treating Acne in Black Skin:

  • Black skinned people have an increased amount of melanin in their skin when compared to people living in North Europe. Melanin is the pigment, which protects your skin from the strong rays of the sun. This is the reason why black skinned people look much younger in comparison to those having fair skin.
  • When black skin people become older, their skin starts being irregularly pigmented. This gives form to black patches on the skin. This case of irregular pigmentation is a major cause of acne in people having a black skin texture.
  • The acne treatment procedure in case of black skinned people is more or less similar to those with fair skin complexions with a few exceptions. There are certain acne treatments, which temporarily lightens the color of the skin. Black skins are less moisturized and thus they tend to become dry when treated with topical medications like benzyol peroxide. Thus, before applying such medicines it is better that you consult an experienced dermatologist.
  • Inflammatory acne on darker skin causes unfavorable dark spots. With the help of an expert dermatologist, you can adopt measures to make the area seem less dark and unpleasant. However, the discoloration can also be treated with topical retinitis and azelaic acid.
  • Some dermatologists are of the opinion that laser acne treatment is not suitable for people with darker skin texture because in this case there is a high risk of the skin color being altered quite dramatically. However, things can get better under the supervision of an experienced skin expert.
  • In case of dark skinned people, treating acne with the help of dermabrasion or chemical peeling can cause temporary lightening of the texture in certain areas of the skin. Moreover, scars caused due to acute cysts and nodules should be treated with the help of an efficient dermatologist or dermatological surgeon in case of people having dark skin texture.
  • Do not worry, as there is much for you to choose from the several acne treatments for black skin. The remedies can be prepared at home or they can also be purchased from the nearest medical store. However, if things are serious than expected then it is better that you consult an expert dermatologist rather than experimenting with your skin all by yourself.
  • The best way to combat a situation is to prevent it from occurring rather than spending time in searching for its remedy. For this, you need to keep your skin clean and oil free by washing your face with mild soap or cleanser once or twice each day.
  • Be choosy about the things you are to apply on your skin. You should avoid using products containing a huge amount of isopropyl alcohol. Isopropyl alcohol makes your skin dry and encourages the glands to produce more amount of oil.
  • You can concentrate on natural ingredients like cucumber, lemon, lime, tea tree oil, honey, oats, tomatoes, orange and turmeric. These are fantastic in treating acne of the black skin. Make a paste of such stuffs and apply them on the face. Allow them to dry for 15 to 30 minutes and then rinse well with clear cold water.
  • No matter what you choose for eliminating conditions of acne, they have to be safe and effective. Never try anything without consulting your physician. Your skin is your asset and so you should protect it as wisely as you can.