Simple Tricks to Cure Your Acne Naturally | Tips for Fighting Acne

Useful Tips on Fighting Acne Successfully

{SCA} Having passed you school days, you are the one who is young, energetic and ready to take full control of your life.

The time of entering into teenage is really exciting but equally worrisome for many. This is the time when you are most prone to disorders such as acne.

Acne is bad enough during your teen years, but aging along with acne? No walk in the park. Here, top derms and estheticians tell you how to fight both issues at once.

Naturally, skin diseases become a cause of worry for young teenagers and acne for is the worst amongst them. It leaves you as someone lacking confidence, irksome and shy, while actually it is only the opposite that is true.

So here are some tips and tricks that will get you on your way to being acne-free, happier, healthier, and just better overall:

  1. Clean your skin! Your face is where everyone is looking at, so you want to keep it looking and feeling nice. Don’t be touching it all the time with your hands that are probably covered in bacteria and dirt that could only serve to make your acne even worse. Also develop a regimen of cleaning your skin every day, at least twice, when you wake up and when you go to bed.
  2. Control the oil. Don’t buy cosmetic or acne treatment products with lots of oils in them. The reason you are experience acne in the first place is because of a buildup of excess oils in the skin.
  3. Don’t touch, just resist. By touching your blemishes and pimples you will only make them worse and possible infect them.
  4. If you are a women or man masking scars, choose makeup with a minimum amount of oils in them. Make sure the product says “noncomedogenic” on it, as this means the product will not clog pores.
  5. Make sure when you shave, you take care time and don’t cut yourself or pop any existing pimples or zits, as they may get infected.
  6. Despite popular belief, tanning yourself to death does not help acne, so limit your sunlight exposure to a normal amount everyday.