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{SCA} Mona Lisa is a popular and super top Model and TV Actress in Pakistan Showbiz Industry. Her birthday or date of birth is not known and her height is 5′7″. Mona Lisa is a hot ravishing pakistani tv actress, known to be the Smriti Irani of pakistani television. She became successful in pakistani showbiz through her outstanding talent. The pretty pakistani model/actress is rumoured to be engaged with family friend.

She is a Muslim girl, named mona by her father. His father was a great admirer of Mona Lisa’s (by Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci) painting and he attached the name “Lisa” to her name which also became her stage name.

She became successful in pakistani showbiz through her outstanding talent and beautiful smile. Mona Lisa has done the worst role you could expect from anybody in the entire Film Industry. Mona Lisa came to prove herself as a woman of versatility, a serious actress, and from a decent background.

Once a stage actress, She has now her way to Bollywood. After rejecting 70 auditions, producer Bhushan kumar selected the beautiful actress Mona for his movie ‘Kajrare’ with co-star Himesh Reshammiya. He was so impressed with her that he signed contract of three films with her. The movie will be shot in Lahore, Morocco and Europe.

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