Pakistani Actress Veena Malik in Big Boss Season 4

Veena Malik is Pakistani actress, comedian and super hit fashion model, her real name Zahida Malik. Her height 5′ 6″ and star sign Pisces. She has established herself as one of the leading women in the Pakistani television and film industry with her abilities to mimic others and improvise. Veena Malik  hot and bold actress, Presently she has been known for her exposing off the match fixing scandal of her EX boyfriend and Pakistani cricketer Mohammad Asif.

One of the most popular reality show of Indian television screen Big Boss Season 4, and handsome Salman Khan hosting the show for this season. Big Boss is the world’s 2nd largest reality show.

Veena Malik is the 1st Pakistani celebrity who is participating in this program. The time period fro the Big Boss is 100 days program and 14 other contestants are taking part in it.

Veena Malik Hot and Glamorous Pakistani Model and Actress Participated in Big Boss

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Veena Malik Wearing Western Dress in Big Boss 4

Veena Malik and Friends in Big Boss Season 4

Hot Veena Malik in Big Boss 4

Veena Malik Sitting in Big Boss 4

Veena Malik with Other Contestants in Big Boss Home

Veena Malik Pakistani Fashion Model

Veena Malkilk in Big Boss 4

Veena Malik with Ashmit Patel in Big Boss4

Veena Malik Night Photo of Big Boss 4

Veena Malik Giving Massage in Big Boss 4

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