How to Apply Silk Wrap Nails At Home

Most of us may not be aware of silk wrap nails. They are silk fibers molded into nail shapes and their size, design and shape appear almost the same like that of fingernails. They can be fixed on fingernails and are often mistaken as natural nails. They not only give an appealing beauty to the fingernails but also help in protecting the withering and weak nails.

Silk nails wrap pieces of different materials with silk, who play in the form of your nails, and can be attached to the nail plate. materials used to make these nail wraps mainly silk and others include linens and fiberglass. these nails silk wrapping not only protect nails from harmful elements, but also will add strength and length. take a look at a few simple tips on how to use nails silk wrapping and support them accordingly. learn how to make drawings on your nails.

Silk wrap nails at home

These nail wraps are much more preferred than acrylic nail wraps as they do not cause any trouble and are also easy to maintain. Silk wrap nails cost about $20 to $25 and are easily available in many departmental stores. They are used on natural nails to strengthen their tips and prevent them from breaking. Given below are some efficient ways to apply silk wraps to your nails and protecting them from damage.

  • Use nail polish remover to take off any fingernail polish or oil buildup on the nail. Dip a cotton ball into the remover and gently scrub the residue from the nail.
  • Clip any natural nails that may be uneven. File them down a bit, but do not file them too far down. Keep the nail longer than the fingertip so it can support the silk wrap nail.
  • File the top surface of the nail so that it does not have a shiny surface. Use a file with small to medium grit so you do not damage the natural nail.
  • Cut your silk nails to the desired length with your nail clipper. Cut the silk wrap to fit the base of the natural nail if necessary.
  • Apply a thin coat of glue to the top of the natural nail. Cover most of the surface if you can and avoid getting any glue on the skin.
  • Apply the silk wrap slightly higher than the cuticle. Use a plastic compressor sheet to press the nail down into the glue. Press down for about 10 seconds and repeat for all 10 nails.
  • Trim any nails that may be longer than the others and apply a sealant. Apply fingernail polish to silk wraps if you wish.
  • File the nails after the sealant has dried.