Beauty In 10 Minutes

{SCA} Just as we spend money, we spend time. We are all in a rush as if we could save it only because we are fast. Mirror is not an exception. We try to do everything very fast and start running our marathon. Why not make the most of this few minutes?

Try to think of everything is advance. While you’re making a decision about your hairdo, make sure it’s a rather simple one, so you wouldn’t have many problems while forming it. Moreover, the most fashionable hairdos for 2010 are very effortless, all you have to do is wash your hair in the evening, apply all the necessary products, go to sleep, wake up and go. You won’t have any troubles with your hair and save a lot of time. Those hairdos are both very practical and fashionable.

You may also use your evenings; no matter how tired you are you’ll definitely enjoy laying in a hot bath. After this little relaxing procedure, use creams and gels to your body so you wouldn’t have to go to any spas and, once again, waste your time and money. If you’ll do it regularly, your skin will be beautiful and it’ll be easier to cope with it. You’ll have more energy for a whole day and feel fresh.

Makeup will also help you save some time. Colors for this season are very natural and pastel, so you won’t have to be very accurate while doing your make up. As far as colors are so unnoticeable, you may not wear any make-up at all. When it comes to lipstick, choose a pastel color. You may use it on your way to work. If the stripes won’t be very accurate, don’t worry nobody will notice it, for it’s a natural color.

Nothing and nobody will be able to help you become pretty if you eat unhealthy food, don’t get enough sleep or have too much stress. If some of these problems exist, try to solve them somehow. You may find something tasty, easily prepared and healthy at the same time. If you can’t get a good night sleep go see your doctor; it may be a serious problem, however if it’s not, the doctor will at least advise you on how to improve your sleep quality. Try to avoid every situation that may cause you stress, if you can’t – try to talk to somebody, think positively and relax just as you leave a stressful location.

If you don’t have enough time to match every single detail in your style, change your clothing to something simple, youthful or maybe even shaggy. Such clothes are very comfortable, they don’t need to be ironed every single day and they will make you look younger! Such style together with a simple and fashionable hairdo and make-up will make you look trendy.

You can decide how much time to spend looking at mirror. If you keep your body fresh every day, take a good care of it, choose your make-up and hairdo properly, you’ll need only 10 minutes to be ready. Moreover, if you’re happy, don’t let stress and bad mood control you, you will be beautiful as you are and won’t need any special make-ups, hairdos or clothing to look pretty.