The 10 Best Ways To Get Rid of Freckles

The curse of fair-skinned people everywhere, freckles can really annoy you and interfere with that beautifully milky complexion. Freckles are caused by excessive pigmentation and more frequently affect people with fair skin. Freckles are small dark spots on the skin that are generally caused by the concentration of melanin pigments.

Freckles, also known as ephelides, are small, flat brown spots that surface on sun-exposed skin, especially the face and arms. There are a number of natural ways to get rid of freckles, however, they can return if you don’t avoid sun exposure and wear sunscreen. Luckily, you can treat freckles and sometimes even lighten your skin to get rid of freckles entirely.

How To Get Rid of Freckles on Your Body

  1. Grate some Cucumber, squeeze it to extract the juice and apply it on your skin. Works best if you mix 1 tbsp of Honey and 1tbsp of Lemon.
  2. Retinol is also an efficient way to lighten or get rid of freckles. This solution should be applied topically and the treatment should be applied for a longer period of time.
  3. Sour milk can also help lighten the skin pigmentation of your freckles, and some people find that sour cream masks help. After applying the sour cream mask, don’t rinse it off – just wipe it off with a tissue.
  4. Cucumber, strawberry, and honey masks are also options if none of the above solutions have worked for you. Remember, any additional exposure to the sun will cause freckles again, so be sure to protect yourself if you’re using these methods.
  5. Naturally get rid of freckles is citric juice. Cut up one lemon, orange or lime and squeeze the juice into a container. Mix in 1 tsp. yogurt so you have a paste. Apply the paste onto your face and let it dry before rinsing with cold water.
  6. Fraxel is a laser treatment that uses carbon dioxide beams to restructure the skin and eliminate age spots, freckles or scars.
  7. Eat fresh tomato or drink tomato juice is also a way to make freckles go away. Substances in tomato are so special, help to remove or at least reduce pigmented skin on your face. As a result, your skin will be brighter.
  8. Simply putting lemon juice on the freckles can help you out. You do not have to rub your skin with a piece of lemon, all you have to do is dab a small amount on your skin.
  9. Papaya Juice helps remove skin blemishes and lighten freckles Apply it on your face with the help of a cotton ball or you can even rub it on your skin directly.
  10. Cryosurgery is a popular procedure that involves lightly freezing the freckles with liquid nitrogen.

In addition to all these freckle removal procedures, sun must be avoided at all times, as the sun triggers the occurrence of freckles. Vitamin C is beneficial to making the skin less sensitive to sun. Get some vitamin C and vitamin E supplements.