Growing Healthy Fingernails – Diet and Tips for Healthy Nails

Everyone likes clean, well-manicured and polished nails. In fact, strong and healthy nails serve as the perfect representative of the overall health and fitness of a person. Though most of the people are unaware of the fact, nails too need to be taken well care of. Eating a healthy diet is as important for your nails as for the vital organs of your body. It is important to include certain vitamins, minerals and other nutrients in your daily diet to ensure that your nails remain healthy and look beautiful.

Your nails can tell a lot about your health, so if they’re not strong and healthy looking, check out these tips.

  • Nail health relies on sufficient supplies of protein, B vitamins, vitamin A, calcium, zinc, iodine, and iron. So make sure you’re eating a balanced diet that includes all of these.
  • If you wear nail polish, use an acetone-free remover, since acetone can dry out your nails, causing them to crack, which can lead to an infection under your nails.
  • Don’t bite, pick, or remove your cuticles or hangnails. Not only can this damage your nail bed (the skin underneath your nail), but this can also allow bacteria to enter your skin and cause an infection. Instead just push your cuticles back with a plastic cuticle tool.
  • Take care of your nails. Regularly trim your nails (with a clipper, not your teeth), and smooth rough edges with an emery board. Clean under your nails and then moisturize them to prevent cracking or breakage.
  • If you like to get manicures and pedicures, make sure you go to a reputable place that cleans their instruments between each customer.

Here are some of the guidelines for you to follow for improving the health of your nails:

  • Eat a diet composed of 50% fruit and raw vegetables in order to supply necessary vitamins, minerals and enzymes.
  • Eat foods rich in sulfur and silicon, such as broccoli, fish and onions. Include foods rich in biotin such as soy, brewer’s yeast and whole grains.
  • Drink plenty of water and other liquids.
  • You may supplement your diet with royal jelly, spirulina or kelp, which are rich in silica, zinc and B vitamins and help to strengthen your nails.
  • Drink fresh carrot juice daily, this is high in calcium and phosphorus and is excellent for strengthening nails.
  • Eat well and your whole body will be better, healthier, more beautiful!