How To Prepare Your Body for Summer

Summer isn’t too far away. It’s almost time for shorts, tank tops, and bathing suits. It’s just a few months until summer is in full force yes. The Mercury will rise and clouds disappear and you will need to whip out the bikinis and budgie smugglers. Wardrobe will be filled with color, thin dresses, shirts and tops will be neatly arranged, ready to be worn.

For a beautiful body, it matters very much, to begin the fight for extra weight or cellulite. It’s time you started taking some steps towards rediscovering your healthiest, happiest self. The best way to get your body looking healthy and radiant, is to exfoliate daily. Here are 8 easy steps to prepare your body for summer:

The Best Ways To Prepare Your Body for Summer

Here are some great tips on how to prepare your skin for the summer:

  1. One of the best ways to prepare your skin for summer is with gentle exfoliation. This process gets rid of dead, dry skin cells, allowing your body to ‘shed’ its winter layer and prepare healthy skin for the start of a new season.
  2. After your shower, apply a rich moisturiser to your entire body. Do this while the skin is still damp, since it will help to lock in the moisture. It is very important to moisturise daily to keep your skin hydrated and looking smooth.
  3. You will feel very lazy during the summer, so don’t wear a lot of makeup, but still, take care of yourself. Wear some waterproof mascara, full coverage foundation(be sure to take it off at night), add a small amount of blush to give you a shimmering glow, and don’t forget lip gloss.
  4. Regular exercise is an important step in preparing your body for summer as it will help you lose any extra kilos gained over winter. Exercise is also one of the most effective mood lifters and will help you shrug off the winter blues.
  5. Eating healthily before going away can really help you feel good about yourself for holidays.  Instead of feeling bloated and lethargic from eating too much or processed foods, introduce lighter healthier options into your day to day diet and you’ll soon feel more energized.
  6. Don’t waste this season watching TV every day. Get into crafts classes, swimming classes or even dancing classes. Anything that can keep you from spending hours watching TV.
  7. If you have a particular body baring event soon, cut back on and salt. Sodium encourages the body to retain water, thus making the body bloat. You’ll be amazed by how much less puffy you look after a couple of days without salt!
  8. Drinking the plenty of water in summer season. Sixty percent of our body is water. Studies have shown that a diet adequate in water helps with weight loss, helps moisten skin, decreases dryness.

These are just a few handy Ways to prepare your body for summer. While looking great is always a key goal, take a holistic approach and focus on feeling great on the inside as well.