How to Slim Down and Get in Shape

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I want to become Slim?
How do I get a toned thin body?

Expert Advice

{SCA} (a) You must make small painless changes. When first starting a weight loss plan it is important not to go overboard. Make a list of all the things that you know you should be eating less of. Each week pick two that you will eliminate from your diet. This allows you to adjust to the new regimen, both physically and mentally.
(b) Watch what you drink. Most people do not realize how many calories they drink each day. When you take in your calories in liquids you do not force the body to process anything. When you eat there is a process for your body to break down the food. This process actually burns calories. Think of it this way almost all of the calories your drink goes straight to being stored as fat.
(c) Move more. This doesn’t have to be in the form of exercise. It is a fact that a great majority of those who join fitness clubs will not be attending after 1 year. Instead look to incorporate exercise into your daily activities.

    Things To Take Care

    1. Do not search any fast option for weight loss. Dieting helps to reduce weight fast but when you stop it your weight increases again fast.
    2. Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water every day.
    3. Give at least 2-3 hour gap between each meal.
    4. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables. And don’t be hungry or empty stomach for very long hours.
    5. Avoid junk foods and excessive fats like soft drinks, ice cream, butter, chips, bread, pizza etc.

    Bottom Line

    The only real healthy way of getting a thin toned body is to combine a well balanced healthy diet with a variation of exercise. Forms of exercise to include are running (very good for burning calories) high impact exercise such as aerobics, body combat, kick boxing etc, yoga/pilates (excellent for toning) and swimming.