Practicing to Get Smooth Feet at Home

{SCA} Most people experience rough feet at some time in their lives and trying to adopt different practices to get smooth feet at home. Going barefoot and wearing sandals or thongs can make feet even rougher. Dry weather is also a main cause of rough feet. Cracked, peeling skin is unattractive and many times can also be very painful. Rough feet do not have to plague you for the rest of your life. A few simple techniques and a little time each day will give exceptional results.

Take out some time from your busy routine and follow these steps to get an instant results. Your pretty feet are not to hide under cover instead they should be flaunt and show off. If you think you can not afford to have a professional pedicure in a nail salon, treat yourself to one at home. You don’t need to book an expensive salon appointment to get the perfect pedicure. So go ahead get ready to do your own pedicure.

Prepare your feet:

Fill your bathtub or a bucket with warm water. Fill the tub with enough water to soak the feet. Add some bath salts or desired amount of foot soak into the tub. Let it dissolve. If you do not have bath salts or foot soak try salt from your kitchen.

Clean the nails:

Remove any nail polish from your toes.

Soak your feet:

Soak your feet minimum for 15-20 minutes. You may enjoy relaxing music, interesting magazine or wear a soothing face pack and enjoy the warm water on your tried feet.

Soften up:

Remove dead skin cells by gently scrubbing calluses and heels with a pumice stone. This is an important step to attain soften and touchable feet. This would help to exfoliate your feet, resulting in soft feet.

Massage you feet:

Dry your feet with a clean towel. Massage gently one foot at a time, then do the other. Begin by massaging the cream (Les Savons Foot Lotion soothes and smoothes rough feet) gently into the whole foot, top and bottom, toes to ankle. End this portion with strokes going from your toes to your ankles.

Trim nails:

Trim toenails, cutting them in a square shape which will prevent ingrown nails. Gently using the orange stick or cuticle stick push back cuticles . This will allow you to paint your entire nail by guiding the supple cuticle out of the way. Never cut your cuticles — they are necessary for keeping bacteria from entering the skin.

Pick a color:

If you wish to apply nail polish, choose a desired shade of polish. Apply each coat at a time, slowly. Apply the next coat once the last coat is completely dry. Repeat the step until you have achieved a desired shade of the polish.

Cuticles care:

Let your nails dry for at least half an hour, then rub a dab of olive oil into your cuticles and nail beds to moisturize them.

It is so much fun to indulge yourself in spa pedicure but the softness you experience from your home pedicure is comparable to the pedicures you might receive in a salon. Create a spa like atmosphere, play some relaxing music and enjoy. Don’t be shy to bare your toes in summer. It’s finally a time to get into cute, trendy and colorful sandals and flip-flops.