Six Signs of a Clean Nail Salon

{SCA} Following are the points how to get a safe, clean mani or pedi. Read on to find out when to relax and when to run:

Wear Protection:

Wear a mask to avoid inhaling harmful chemicals if you get acrylics. (The technician should be wearing one, too.)

Jets Are A Bad Things

Avoid spa chairs with jet baths. Salons are supposed to change the filters that recycle water after every use, but that rarely happens. The result? Used water gets circulated through the system. Look for porcelain or stainless steel basins without a spa chair, or ask the salon to change the filter in front of you before you soak.

Check Out The Tools:

Bring your own tools (file, buffer, toe separator) to be 100 percent safe. Or, make sure disposable items come fresh out of a sealed package every time. If the salon uses blue Barbicide cleaning solution, it should be clear, not cloudy.


Tools sterilized in a UV light sanitizer must be laid flat and exposed to the light for 25 minutes. Check to see if the machine has a timer or is being monitored.

And Sterilize Again:

Look for salons that use an autoclave, which is a pressurized sterilizing system (like the ones you see in the dentist’s office).

When All Else Fails:

Trust your instincts. If anything seems off, speak up or walk out the door.