Split Nails Causes, Cure and Home Treatment

Remedy for Cracked, Split Finger Nails

{SCA} As with your skin and hair, when your nails look their best, you feel more healthy and attractive. And as is true with both hair and skin care, “less is best” when it comes to the care of your nails.

Nail care is often either overlooked, or overdone. Whatever the cause, it leads to several nail problems, one of which is splitting nails. Though it is mostly the symptom of aging, inappropriate use of nails and the several measures taken by us to enhance them, sometimes do not work in our favor, adding to the problem further. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons for splitting fingernails, and further find out how to treat them and prevent a recurrence in the future.

Split fingernails are typically a result of repetitive or prolonged contact with water – think dish-washing and tub baths, for example. Nail polish remover also can contribute to split fingernails. Split fingernails usually aren’t a sign of vitamin, mineral or other nutritional deficiencies.

Splitting Nails Treatment

Treating splitting nails may take a while, and should be performed with utmost care. Since the nails are already brittle and weak, you ought to take utmost care while performing even the most basic chores.

Here’s how you can cure splitting nails.

  1. When working with water or any other harsh chemicals, always remember to wear gloves. This will not only save your nails but your skin too.
  2. Also, try to work in cool or lukewarm water rather than extremely hot water. Don’t bathe in hot water as this will strip the moisture off your nails.
  3. While using a nail polish remover, ensure that it is free of acetone.
  4. An important splitting nails cure is to use moisturizers on your nails that contain lanolin, jojoba or aloe, that strengthen the nails. Even petroleum jelly is useful for this purpose.
  5. If dry, soak your nails in water daily, for about 10 minutes, to hydrate them. Follow it up with the use of moisturizers.
  6. Do not perform any nail care treatment such as filing nails immediately after you have wet them. The nails are weak at this time and are more likely to split.
  7. To prevent your nails from splitting, keep them short and filed. File out the edges, and shape the nail in a round curve.
  8. Avoid the use of metal instruments while pushing back the cuticles, as this depletes the protective cells on the surface of the nail.
  9. Keep away from nail polish and other such products until your nails have strengthened. Even after they have, use products that have nylon fibers in them. These keep the nails protected.
  10. Another splitting nails remedy is to include vitamins, minerals and gelatin in your diet for this problem. However, do so only after consulting a professional, more so, if you are pregnant. Take a look at these vitamins for healthy nails.
  11. Never use your nails as tools for performing a chore, such as dialing the phone, or opening a jar, or a can of soda. The excess pressure weakens them and makes them brittle. It is for this purpose that you are advised to keep your nails short.
  12. If your nails are too soft, apply a coat of clear nail polish to protect your nails from splitting further.