The Fabulous Ways To Look Hot on The Beach

Looking perfectly sun-kissed, naturally disheveled and effortlessly chic should be what being at the beach is all about. Those few days you’ve been looking forward to whether it be for hours or months. The beach. It’s not necessary to look amazing to have fun, but who wouldn’t want to? So we’re here to make your scorching hot summer beauty tips prepping as easy as possible!

The Best Ways That How to Look Good on The Beach

  • Make sure you are confident and happy in your own skin. It sounds cliche, but it truly is the secret to those gorgeous beach models that we sit and envy’s success. Recognize that you are who you are and no diet, surgery, or whining will change that.
  • Make sure that you remove all unwanted body hair and give your body a full exfoliation. Try a body scrub in the shower. Moisturizing afterwards leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth.
  • Perfect pins Before you go on holiday, cycling in the gym is great for toning legs . And just before your beach appearance, spray freezing-cold water on your legs in the shower. It instantly gives the look of firmness.
  • Get a Good Scrub: Before you bare any skin, it’s imperative that you exfoliate your skin and rid yourself of all old skin. No matter how fit and toned you are, it’s hard to look hot on the beach if you have a layer of old, dead skin!
  • Spritz a conditioning spray in your hair before leaving the house to protect it from the sun’s harmful rays.
  • Slip on some flip flops, slide on some cool sunglasses and go to the beach! Have fun and don’t get burned!
  • Color is key Go for earth tones. Brown, navy or green are very neutral. Old vintage animal prints are so glamorous, and look great on everyone. As long as the print is in a neutral tone you can’t go wrong. White bikinis or bathing-suits look amazing towards the end of your holiday.
  • Battle Bloat: Get your body beach-ready by avoiding processed foods, carbs and salt before hitting the sand. Some other foods to avoid pre-beach are legumes, starchy vegetables, dairy, sodas and gum.

We hope these tips on How to look hot and sexy on the beach has been helpful and left you feeling pumped for summer! Let us know what you’ll be wearing while you have fun in the sun!