What are The Causes and Treatment of Splitting Nails

Splitting of Nails Causes and Treatment

{SCA} Healthy nails are an important part of one’s personality, it increases the beauty of hands. Having well maintained nails require effort, which everyone does not follow leading to splitting and breakage of nails.

Splitting of nails is one of the most common problem nowadays seen by the dermatologists, more commonly in females than in males.

What Causes Nail Splitting?

Some of the reasons of nail splitting include frequent and prolong wetting or drying of fingernails (e.g. dish-washing, washing of clothes especially in cold water etc). Using nail polish remover frequently causes dry and fragile nails.

Also, trauma to the fingernails or exposure to some chemicals (present in certain substances) causes splitting and thinning of nails.

Further, an unbalanced diet, low in calcium, minerals or vitamins leads to unhealthy nails. In some cases some underlying disease may become the key factor in causing such condition. Nails do loose their shine and become brittle with the advancing age.

How to Treat Splitting Nails?

  • Best treatment is to avoid frequent exposure to water and wearing gloves while doing household chores, which act as a shield over the nails. After washing hands or manicures do moisturize the hands.
  • Observe and learn from the people with well-maintained nails. Effort and care are important factors in making shining and beautiful nails. However, if maintenance of nails is not possible then it is always good to cut them short, which too looks sweet.
  • If you apply nail polish then do not scrape or peel it, as it makes the surface of the nails rough. Apply nail polish in a cycle, do keep the nails free from any nail polish and let them breath for some days. Applications of vegetable oil or clarified butter over the nails also show good results.
  • A healthy diet rich in calcium, minerals present in milk and its products, yogurt, butter and meat, makes the nails look healthier. Biotins present in egg yolk, bananas, and cauliflower also play a major role in the growth of nails.