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{SCA} Zainab Sajid Top Fashion Designer Profile

Zainab Sajid is a super top Designer of Pakistan Fashion Industry. Zainab Sajid predominantly specializes in exclusive bridal wear but also carries a fusion couture line – formal wear and classy semi formals. The fundamental aim of Zainab Sajid is to create a look which is trendy, modern and glamorous.

The inspirations for Zainab Sajid are from the whole of this beautiful world, from life itself. The designs originate from elements of movement and dynamism, from birds, music, rain trees, gemstones, jewels, flowers and existence itself. They portray the many moods of the day, adding a bust of glamour and festivity, creating a new sophistication and refinement in the art of living.

The designs symbolize the coultural heritage of the east fused togeather with the western sensibility. They reflect the supreme eastern traditions leaving an impression which is elegantly chic yet sophistacatedly modern. The main emphasis is on the detailing with intricate embellishments, elaborate elements, innovative cuts and utilizing the finest fabrics. Chiffons and silks are ideal for that urban glamour; while playful colors enchance the beauty and elegance of the creative, sensitive and desiring woman of today.

The fundamental aim is to create a look which is trendy, modern and glamorous; yet elegantly classic. At the same time Zainab Sajid ensures that the client are completely satisfied.

Zainab Sajid Contact Information:

24, Block 7/8, Jinnah Co-operative Housing Society, Tipu Sultan Road, Karachi.

Boutique Location:
KARACHI: PFDC, The Boulevard, level 4, Park Towers, Karachi
LAHORE: PFDC, The Boulevard, 10-Q, Gulberg II, Lahore


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