Abeer Al Suwaidi Designer Dresses Collection 2010

Abeer Al Suwaidi Fashion Designer Collection

{SCA} Abeer Al Suwaidi is an Emirati designer who was brought up in the capital of the U.A.E., Abu Dhabi.

She majored in Communication Technology but always wanted to do something to make her feel close to her roots and so she started designing Abayas as a hobby. Over the years this hobby grew and the culture of abayas shifted from just being a tradition to a fashion statement and started showcasing the charisma and confidence of a today’s woman.

She strongly believes that fashion is a major part of a women’s life. It’s the way she lives, the way she does her hair, the way she dresses to impress! Her collection portrays the same! She was the first lady to bring in the concept of skinny abayas in the industry, and that today has become her signature with the whole concept and bold colors.

Believing in her motto of “aiming above the mark to hit the mark”, Abeer Al Suwaidi has created her own place in the industry. People today recognize her as an independent woman who has always been brave in whatever she has done and is today a mentor to a lot of young girls.

Abeer al Suwaidi Dress Designer Designs 2010 Collection – Photo Gallery