Aly Fawaz Fashion Designer Dresses Collection 2010

Aly Fawaz Dress Designer Designs & Styles

{SCA}Fashion designer is one who defines the Fashion statement of his/her country.

Some countries or cities have earned good name in the field of Fashion and style, just because of their Fashion designers.

Aly Fawaz studied in Paris, after which he joined the talents of Lolita Lempika, Christian Lacroix and Yamamoto.

He also participated in designing dresses for the International Haute Couture Festival in Paris and ‘Top Model Africa’.

In in this post we present a list of modern and beautiful dress designs collection of designer Aly Fawaz at Dubai Fashion Week 2010. We are quite sure that you will like this post.

Designer Aly Fawaz Clothes Designs Collection 2010 – Photo Gallery