Asian Casual Salwar Kameez Trend in Summer

Pakistani Casual Summer Clothes Designs 2010

{SCA} Salwar kameez dates back to the 12th century, from the period of Islamic Turko-Iranian rule which was then followed by the Moghul Empire in the region called now as India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

The beauty of any Pakistani Clothing for women is further enhanced if it should happen to be in a feminine shade and nothing, indeed, could be more feminine than lovely pink. It is not for nothing that this shade is the color of femininity.

These salwar kameez have more of embroidery, sequin and stone work around the neckline and other areas of the kameez and salwar. The preferred fabric is the soft flowing fabric which could be georgette, chiffon, silk etc. Many Indian and Pakistani Designers are designing various cuts and designs of Salwar kameez seeing its high demand and due to its high pricing.

Shalwar kameez (also spelt shalwar kameez or shalwar qameez) is the dress worn by both women and men in northern South Asia and Central Asia. It is a unisex dress similar in manner to shirt and pants worn by both women and men in the west. Traditionally, it has been worn in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

The distinctive modern and in style fashions are the first choice of college-going girls. They prefer trendy looks to the traditional ones. Contemporary style is significantly different from the traditional style and is influenced by the trendsetter celebrities. Here are two things for a trendsetter girl to look beautiful this summer.

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