Barbara Bela Fashion Designer Dresses 2010

Barbara Bela Dress Designer Collection

{SCA} We started by analyzing women’s behavior and their new image in the end of this decade, concluding that the romantic was replaced by attitude, if we may classify it that way.

Needs, priorities and values keep changing faster every day. Women have definitely achieved their hot spot. From that situation we started to wonder how this woman would look like. We found femininity in the tighter and curves revealer, exploring and sculpting women’s body.

We are also working with various color metals and crystals, bringing a soft touch of Rock universe to our gowns.

Lots of cocktail dresses mixing colors and fabrics in a tailor made style. A sophisticated group in which organza, satin and crepe appears all black based. This modern mixture give the pieces such an amazing ability to be used in many occasions, like weddings, cocktails, dinners or even casual parties.

Thinking of our always special embroideries, we created unique and eternal pieces, really works of art.

Barbara Bela Dubai Fashion Week 2010: A complete and harmonic evening dresses collection based in the union of versatility and modernity, carrying all the need preciousness. We hope you like it!

Designer Barbara Bela Dress Designs Collection 2010 – Photo Gallery