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Bridal Lehenga Choli Designs

{SCA} The people of India have colorful & different attires. The silk saris, brightly mirrored cholis, colorful lehangas and the traditional salwar kameez have fascinated many travelers, over time.

The best time to see a colorful display of salwar kameezs, saris, bridal wear and ghagra cholis is during Indian weddings.

The most preferred Indian attire worn in Indian weddings is the Ghagra choli also known as Lehenga choli and chaniya choli.

A ghagra is a pleated skirt and is worn with a long or short, stitched and fitted blouse (the choli). The ghagra is secured at the waist and may leave the midriff bare. A fashionable choli maybe bare back. Ghagra choli is also worn with a dupatta, a 2.5 meters of light transparent material usually georgette. The dupatta is worn like a scarf or veil.

In modern times ghagra choli or lehenga choli are exotic Indian clothing with embroidery using stones, kundan, zari, crystals, kori, resham, mirrors, sequins and some times real gold threads. Some designers use intricate brocade, tanchoi and heavy satins even with real gold and silver embroidery, studded with precious stones. Like the ghagra choli the dupatta also has embroidery.

The ghagra or lehenga or sharara as it is sometimes called comes in the following fittings:

A-cut: An A-cut ghagra is a skirt that has a little flair. It is like the alphabet ‘A’ narrow on the top with a little flair on the bottom.

Straight cut: A straight cut ghagra does not have flair, it generally needs slits on it so as to enable one to walk. In India these cuts are not very popular.

Umbrella cut: An Umbrella cut skirt as the name suggests has lot of flair on the bottom. These cuts are quite popular in India.

Fish cut or Mermaid cut: Fist cut or more popularly known in the West as mermaid cut is a skirt that hugs the body on hips and then again flairs down on the ankles.

In India it is very to have ghagra choli, lehenga choli, shararas, bridal lehenga, party wear lehenga choli to be custom made.

Ghagra choli should be worn with accessory jewelry like Necklace, neck chokers, earrings, tikka, bangles. This jewelry will compliment the lehenga or ghagra choli.

Lehenga choli in UK, Lehnga choli in USA are very popular among the Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi.

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