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Pakistani and Indian marriage encompasses many traditions and rituals. Both the families of the bride and groom skillfully manage to go through these rituals. One of the rituals is walima or reception given by the groom. Traditionally, the walima day ceremony, commemorated for the couple, family and friends holds a significant place in Islam. The newly married couple sits on a well-decorated stage with lights and flowers while the guests are seated in the hall. Of course, lots of money is being spent to create this beautiful set. Food arrangement is either within the sitting hall or in the lawn while the guests entertain themselves by chatting or looking around.

Walima day is not an end to the marriage ceremonies and rituals. As one of the rituals is to stay at bride’s home right after walima. The sisters of the bride welcome the groom warmly and start the joota chupai rasam or ritual. These rituals bring closer both of the families and the couple.

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