Crepe Saree Designs and Styles Collection

{SCA} Crepe Sarees Designs and Trends: As a dress, the saree is extremely versatile. From 5 yards to 9.5 yards tied loosely, folded and pleated, it could be turned into working dress or party-wear with manual skill. For day to day work of middle class women, 5-6 yard sari is comfortable to manage household chores. The working class takes the same length of cloth and tucks it above the ankles and if they have to work in water or fields, they tuck the front pleats between the legs to the back, and tie the upper portion round the waist. But, for formal occasions, festivals or parties, women go all the way to bring out the best of blingy sarees.

For such gatherings, crepe sarees are the best option available. Crepe sarees have an ultra modern look without being too cumbersome to wear. Crepe sarees 2010 are designed to make a woman feel gorgeous without too much effort. Crepe sarees also include georgette and chiffon which look very sober but give an overall glamorous look. The lightweight fabric flatters all figure types and gives the wearer a slimmer sillhoutte.

The crepe fabric is very thin and crinkled. The texture is usually woven in silk giving the finished fabric a rich look. However, there are other base fabrics available in crepe too. The silk crepe is the most preferred of all. It is soft to touch and has a good drape. Crepe sarees come in a wide range of colors and designs.

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