Designer Zaeem Dresses Collection 2010

Fashion Designer Zaeem Designs

{SCA} Riding on from its massively successful launch at DFW 2009, Z for Z continues to blaze a new trail by showcasing its 2010 collection at the DFW Finale Evening.

Based on spiritual enlightenment and guidance, this show will highlight a shift in the perception of fashion, taking it from a pure physical experience and pleasure, to a deeper soul-fulfilling odyssey.

The collection incorporates colour as a means of ‘therapy’, raising awareness on the use of colours for oneself, and that as well as beauty there is deep purpose to all the beautiful colours we see.

The seven colours of the rainbow that surround us in the earth’s creation also correlate to the colours of our inner ‘spiritual’ side – the chakra centers.

Dress Designer Zaeem Clothes Designs Collection DFW 2010 – Photo Gallery