Embroidered Salwar Kameez Designs 2010

{SCA} Embroidery Designs for Salwar Kameez: The salwar kameez is the prime click for women who want to look sober, stylish yet classy on such occasions. This type of wardrobe selection is common mostly with India and Pakistan.

Mostly, the wedding salwar suits are found heavily embroidered using golden threadwork along with an assortment of other works. The work is done to make the pieces look pleasing to eyes enabling wearer’s to dazzle in fancy lights of the marriage party.

It all depends on the priorities of a woman that as to which kind of embroidery she wants to be done on her salwar kameez. It varies from booti work, dori embroidery, cufdana work, sippy work, gota patti work, kundan work, sitara work, zari work and lots more. Similarly with the kind of work done, cost also varies as per the amount of embroidery done.

Indian and Pakistan party wear specially designed to complement ladies, is found in plenty over the Internet as well as in the Super markets. But, what is important for the women is to make a proper selection of clothes according to her age and personality.

It’s not only about type, style but also the color and design of the dresses that matters a lot. With Indian and Pakistani women becoming increasingly conscious of their outfit, embroidered party salwar suits is perhaps the best option. Therefore, not only in India and Pakistan even in UK and USA, especially in the last two decades, embroidered salwar suit has undergone transformation from an everyday garment to one with mainstream, and even high-fashion, appeal.

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