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Faiza Samee Pakistani Fashion Desinger  Collection

{SCA} Faiza Sami believes Pakistani embroidery has interesting influences that range from the Chinese to the Turkish Enlarge.

From designing jodas for former Pakistan Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto’s wedding; to being commissioned by the esteemed Victoria Albert Museum, UK; to reviving the heritage of the stitches of Sindh; Pakistani designer Faiza Samee has clearly been there and certainly done it all.

Born with an artistic bent of mind, Faiza Sami was one of the frontrunners of the fashion industry in Karachi at a time when there was no fashion school 25 years back.

Starting with the few remaining aged embroiderers who had learnt their skills as young apprentices in the last vestiges of the Indian courtly tradition, Faiza Samee attempted to curate heirlooms- only to discover, much to my dismay, that many of the stitches, methods and even raw materials had already been lost. And so began the journey that has made us one of the foremost centres of expertise for intricate hand embroidery anywhere in the world.

Showing at Bridal Asia 2003 for the second time, where she stole the limelight from designer Ritu Kumar on Thursday at Uppal’s Orchid, Samee believes Pakistani embroidery has several influences that range from Chinese to Turkish.

Faiza Sami does admit that unlike India, Pakistani designers are quite laid-back and very disorganised. “Someone has to take the lead somewhere and make an effort to put it all together.

In this post, we have a complete collection of her latest dress designs in our pictures gallery. Enjoy the unique dresses collection by Designer Faiza Samee.

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