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Frock is a a loose, long garment with wide, full sleeves, such as the habit of a monk or priest, commonly belted. The precise historical evolution of the frock after the second half of the eighteenth century is obscure, however it is likely that the frock was gradually supplanted by the frock coat in the early nineteenth century, eventually being relegated to evening dress. The frock coat in turn became cut away into the modern coat, giving us the two modern coats with tails.Frock (especially in the phrase “short frock”) is also a child’s dress or light overdress.

This precursor of the modern shirts is still in fashion in the pakistan, india, bangladesh, asian and western countries. Today, the chemise commonly refers to a sleeveless, loose-fitting, shirt-like piece of lingerie or undergarment. It can also mean short, sleeveless clothing hanging straight from the shoulders and fitting loosely at the waist suitable for those who wear large womens clothing.

These are beautiful frocks styles collection for pretty girls and look beautiful with baby cut hair style. You can see that the girls in these pictures have full sleeve, half sleeve and sleeveless frock style with red, blue, yellow, black and white colors and frock neck or blouse is decorated with beautiful designs.

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