Hajra Hayat Brilliant Pakistani Fashion Designer

Hajra Hayat Famous Pakistani Dress Designer Profile

Hajra Hayat is ranked among the big names in the List of Pakistani Fashion Designers. Fashion designer Hajra Hayat is basically a Lahore based Fashion designer; but she has introduced her designing philosophy to the Fashion lovers of Karachi as well. Although, Fashion designer Hajra Hayat always adds a new variety in the Pakistani Fashion Industry through her innovative designs, but even then, Fashion designer Hajra Hayat maintains her basic style alive in her every launch.

This new Fashion visionary lady, Fashion Designer Hajra Hayat is also gaining popularity because of her selection in color scheming of clothes. Dress designer Hajra Hayat designs the comfortable/easy to wear outfits with an elegant sensible feel.

Fashion designer Hajra Hayat has got an alarming & unique Fashion sense. Pakistani Fashion Industry is really enjoying the glory and success, it has achieved, amongst the international Fashion market. There are many dedications and hard work behind the success story of the Pakistani Fashion industry. One is there talented Fashion designers.

We can judge the beautiful color combination theme of the Fashion designer Hajra Hayat through  her 2008 Bridal wear collection, in which she has named her Fashion assortment as “Rang De”. Fashion designer Hajra Hayat is rapidly earning fame both nationally and internationally. Hajra Hayat is a versatile Fashion designer, she can tremendously design eastern, western, urban, local pakistani, indian style and many types of dress designs.

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