Homa Qamar Abayas Designs Collection

{SCA} Homa Qamar Abayas Styles Collection at Dubai Fashion Week: For the past two years Dubai Fashion Week has opened arms to emerging designer Homa Qamar. Her work boasts an indulgent banquet of perfect elegance with classic tailoring, modern designs and dazzling embellishments. Homa abayas (burqa, burka) are stylish, elegant and very sophisticated. Garments flowing with masses of fabric, jarring against metal trimmings, belts and cuffs. Her work fits well with both women looking for something of a classic, elegant calibre and suited more towards traditional and cultural requirements.

“I strongly feel fashion, tradition, cultural and religious values can go hand in hand and I am very proud to say a Muslim woman is a true example of modernity and traditionalism. I try to emphasis this point through my designs”, says Homa Qamar.

For Homa, designing is more then a passion. It is a living form of art and imagination. Her design approach is deeply rooted in blending different mediums of art, cultures, fabrics with modern sharp tailoring, embellishments and cuts for modern women. Based in Dubai, designing for geographically diverse clients, incorporating her style with their requirements. The range of outfits includes Abayas & Sheila (daily, formal and semi formal wears).

Homa Qamar Abayas (burqa, burka) are conventional in soul with lot of cuts. As she loves to play with new and modern cuts, but keeping in mind the traditional concept of Abaya & Sheila. Having been born and brought up with in a Local culture, she has a vision to incorporate tradition with the latest trends. Her designs are modern, unique and still don’t lose their cultural meaning!

Homa garments are for women who enjoy being sophistic, elegant and have a desire for trends. She wants to present a whole new attitude and wants women wearing her clothes to be confident, fashion forward, and not afraid to take the plunge, when it comes to Fashion! She is so blissed to share her fashion sense with those women, who have got their fingers on the pulse of fashion world.

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