Kurti Designs for Women in Pakistan 2010

Women Kurti Designs Collection

{SCA} Kurti is a Persian/Urdu word.  It is a traditional type of dress worn generally by the people of Indian sub-continents. Kurti was used to be one of the main clothing for girls in the natives of Asian countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan. Women’s used to wear it on different occasions like any festival or any fair or any family function.

Kurta had different looks earlier. It came as sherwani, pathan-dress, golband and many more. Earlier kurta was the dress of gents only. But gradually it became the most sought after clothing for girls.

The fabric used in Kurtis mainly depend upon the seasons. Summer Kurtis are made of cotton fibers or thin silk threads. These are very light weight and soft. Winter Kurtis are made of thicker fabric such as wool or Khadi silk, a thick, coarse, hand spun and hand-woven mixed with other fibers. Winter Kurtis provide style, fashion along with protection from cold.

Women often wear kurtis as blouses, usually over jeans. These kurtis are typically much shorter than the traditional garments and made with a lighter materials, like those used in sewing kameez. Men also wear kurtis, typically over jeans.

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