Mariam Al Mazro Designer Beautiful Collection 2010

Mariam Al Mazro Fashion Designer Dresses

{SCA} Two years ago was his starting point in establishing and introducing Mimi’s Fashion Designs, in Sharjah Brides show February 2007.

The first fashion show was in April 2008 in Dubai Brides Show. Mariam Al Mazro second fashion show, was during the Dubai Fashion Week (DFW) in October 2008, which offered her the start-up exposure of her brand. And now 2010, she  into her 4th season with DFW.

Mariam Al Mazro design strategy focused on the women desire of being and feeling special about what she wears. Her main collection is the Jalabiya/dress, is a mixture of both, mostly in a colorful patched designs and in modern cuts.

“For me it’s just the start, and with my inspiration and the encouragement from my family and friends, will support me and push me further”, says Mariam.

“There is no end to my inspiration & creativity. Am looking forward for my dream come true and make Mimi’s Fashion Designs an international brand”, says Mariam.

Dress Designer Mariam Al Mazro Clothes Collection at DFW 2010 – Photo Gallery