Nilofer Shahid Dress Designs at Veet Fashion Week 2010

Designer Nilofer Shahid Dress Designs Collection at Veet Fashion Show 2010

{SCA} Nilofer Shahid is a famous Pakistani fashion designer and the director of the fashion house Meeras. Nilofer Shahid comes from a family of warriors, poets, writers and painters.

From an early age Nilofer was drawn to the art of craftsmanship, an obsession that continues to date. She launched her fashion house Meeras in 1992.

The themes of her collections reflect an affinity with Islamic calligraphy, Mughal architecture, and the heritage of central Asia.

She recently showed her Noor Jehan collection in Vancouver, BC as well. Nilofer Shahid, ambassadress of her country’s traditions has the distinction of being exhibited at world renowned venues, from the Louvre in Paris to Royal Albert Hall in UK, From Prague to Zurich, from Hollywood to the Middle Eat and from India to Central Asia.

Veet hosted a mega fashion show in Karachi, Pakistan at the PC Hotel on May 21, 2010 under the theme of Veet Celebration of Beauty (VCB). In in this post we present a list of stylish and trendy pictures gallery of Nilofer Shahid Designs at Veet Fashion Show 2010 that will take your breath away. We are quite sure that you will like this post.

Designer Nilofer Shahid Dresses Designs at Veet Fashion Week 2010 in Karachi Pakistan – Photo Gallery