Pakistani and Indian Patiala Salwar Designs Collection 2010

Current Trends of  Pakistani and Indian Patiala Salwars:

Patiala Salwar is basically the baggy version of a regular salwar. The waist area is constructed like a regular salwar but lower i.e leg area of a Patiala Salwar has many pleats at front and back, giving it a very loose or baggy look.

{SCA} From among all the types of salwar kameez, patiala salwar is the example of a perfect blend of traditional style with modern looks. It is, in fact, a designer salwar suit in its vary basic form. The essence of this salwar kameez lies in its typical salwar design, which has taken the name ‘Patiala’ from the famous city in Punjab, India. Even today, the ‘Darjiya Wali gali’ in the old city of Patiala is famous for making fine Patiala salwar suits.

Origin of Patiala Salwar Kameez:

This salwar with its original name ‘Patiala shahi’ salwar was the attire of royal families of Punjab. The reason can be found in the fact that a lots of cloth is required to make this salwar. It needs about 4.5 meters as compared to 2.25 meters required for salwars of traditional salwar suits. Common man could not afford to get about 7 meters of fabric for making only one salwar suit set. Therefore, it was limited to the royal and rich families.

Difference Between Traditional and Modern Patiala Salwar Designs:

The traditional patiala salwars used to be very heavy due to the accumulation of numerous folds around the waist when tied. Also, it had an enormous ‘Ghera’ or circumference. While the modern patiala salwar too is cut in the old style till date, it has somewhat lesser circumference at the waistline (although this is comparatively more than the regular salwars). This has been made possible due to an innovation in its design made by Master Santokh Singh, who is considered the ‘creator’ of the modern Patialashahi salwar. He introduced the ‘belt’ at the top of the salwar. This also contributed in reducing the amount of weight that the women, who wore patiala salwar, had to carry. This one change in the design of patiala shalwar has made it so popular that it retains its place no matter what comes in and goes out. Although most of the women prefer to get custom or tailored salwar kameez for perfect fit, readymade salwar suits in patiala style are also not uncommon.