Pamela Phlaphongphanit Fashion Designer Dresses Collection 2010

Pamela Phlaphongphanit Designs at Dubai Fashion Week

{SCA} The Collection is a fanciful mirage of Eastern Mediterranean high-end fashion. Muraad is a luxurious fashion brand that playfully combines printed silks and chiffon with brocades, organza, leather and taffeta fabrics.

Rich fabrics are suspended from shapes set with semi precious stones and completed with bedazzling motifs and embroideries.

Muraad’s unique creations takes inspiration from the architectural magnificence of the mysterious Hagia Sophia, the greatest Christian cathedral of the Middle Ages which was later converted into an imperial mosque.

Vibrant like the Mediterranean sea, the collection brings an unashamedly palette dominated by turquoise and emerald green, while yellow ochre and pearl white add a glowing exuberance.

Designer Pamela Phlaphongphanit Clothes Collection at Dubai Fashion Week 2010 – Photo Gallery