PFDC Sunsilk Lahore Fashion Week 2010

We will bring all the happenings of the Pakistani Fashion ramp and dress collection¬† and inform you about what goes on behind the scenes at Pakistan fashion Weeks, not only in Pakistani Fashion industry but throughout the world. We’ll also keep you informed about the fresh looks of each season and photos of recent Fashion shows of Pakistan and India. You’ll get special coverage of all the exciting Pakistani fashion shows, featuring the top designers and hot models, belongs to Pakistani Fashion Industry and international level as well.

Fashion on the Ramp & Fashion week¬† is always relax and fun to attend, and Pakistani Fashion shows with their versatile approaches always bring more amusement. If you can’t attend the Fashion of Pakistan, we’ll arrange a virtual tour of Pakistani Fashion for you, as Pakistani fashion shows have their own unchallengeable place in raising the standards of the Pakistani Fashion industry. We will bring International Asian and Pakistani Fashion weeks in a new & more exiting way.