Saree Blouse Dress Designs Styles and Patterns 2010

{SCA} Saree Blouse Designs 2010

An Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi and South Asian woman knows it very well that blouse can make or mar the looks of a gorgeous Saree. As such, they are more than simply cautious about their blouse style. While in the past, low cut midriff baring blouses were the only blouse patterns, in the recent times, designer blouse is the hottest fashion trend among the girls and women’s. Now these designer blouses are made according to the individual needs of a woman as per her body type and other considerations. A blouse with amazing neck patterns and stylish backs have been made popular by the top fashion designers in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Asia communities. These fashion blouses have various types of neck designs and are decorated with a host of various trims including stones, aari work, sequins, beads, crystals, embroidery etc.

Types of Saree Blouses

  • Halter Neck Blouse
  • Tube Choli Blouse
  • Tie Ups Style Blouse
  • Bikini Style Blouse
  • Bias Cut Style Blouse
  • Sphagetti Style Blouse
  • Low Wide Neck Style Blouse
  • Single Shoulder Style Blouse
  • Backless Choli Style Blouse
  • Stringed Back Style Blouse
  • High Choli Style Blouse
  • Bustier Designer Blouse