Sitara Lawn Prints Women’s Range Collection

Sitara Designs Women’s Range Collection

Sitara Group of Industries is one of the renowned industrial groups of the country. This group started its industrial activity with textile weaving sector in 1956 under leadership of two brothers, Haji Abdul Ghafoor (Late) and Haji Bashir Ahmed.

Sitara textile Faisalabad Pakistan, a fabric woven with tender care & dyed in the brilliant shades of nature adds elegance and magnificence to this world. Sitara Textile is a manufacturer of such fabulous fabrics; fabrics that speak of unparalleled quality & unmatched comfort!

We collect for you Men’s Rang Fabrics Designs and Woman’s Range Fabrics Designs. In this post we present stylish and trendy Sitara Lawn Women’s Range Collection that will certainly impress you.

Women’s Range Catalog: Cotton/Linen/Cambric

  • Sitara Sapna Lawn
  • Sitara Supreme Lawn
  • Mughal-e-Azam Summer Collection
  • Sitara Supreme Linen
  • Sapna Linen
  • Mughal-e-Azam Winter Collection
  • Sapna Cambric( White & dyed)

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