Sobia Nazir Clothes Collection 2010

Sobia Nazir Dress Collection 2010

Sobia Nazir is one of the Internationally famous leading women fashion designer of Pakistan. Sobia’s dresses¬† have unique blends if colors, embroidery and style.¬† She gave her customers the best features what they desire. She has also participated in numerous shows all over the world like PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Show and Dubai Fashion Show etc. Fashion Designer Sobia Nazir is an expert in Bridal wear, lehenga, bridal gharara, wedding sharara, bridemaid dresses, formal dresses, evening wear, casual shalwar kameez, bridal pouch, sarees and tunics.

Seeing the long summer season prevalent in most parts of the country, Lawn Suits become an important part of everybody’s wardrobe, says Sobia Nazir, the Islamabad-based designer launching her Printed Lawn This Year. View her stylish and trendy clothes collection 2010.

Sobia Nazir Clothes Designs 2010 – Gallery

6 thoughts on “Sobia Nazir Clothes Collection 2010

  1. I enjoyed looking at the article.
    Sobia Nazir is a great designer.She uses a great form of colour.

  2. i have seen your blog. its really good, i am also working on these topics. keep updates.

  3. i do love her colour combination, but the fashion shows are a disaster! i mean who in pakistan or the pakistanis overseas wear clothes lyke the ones that are portrayed in the shows. for all i know, i am living abroad and its a hassle finding proper nice pakistani designs and clothes here when googling, i come across these designs that i can’t even take an idea from to what trend is in, its a disappointment =(

  4. sobia Nazir’s colour combination really good because she is one of the best women designer. she works and works.
    she is one of the best

  5. sobia Nazir’s designs are just fab. Eastern and Western
    that is what i call mix and max.i just like her colour comination that what sobia Nazir has created.

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