Soniya Battla Mehshal Boutique Dresses Collection

Designer Soniya Battla’s Mehshal Boutique Collection

Not many designers do pret a porter as well as Sonya Battla and for many years she has been designing her own block prints just as well as her ready to wear. As a high end designer, Sonya Batla has chosen to remain exclusive to her flagship store for many years but with this Lawn Collection she told that she was “ready to reach out to a wider audience.” Whether or not this means an overall expansion in terms of her fashion label, only time will tell but it certainly does seem like an indicator.

In terms of the quality of design and construction of fabric, Sonya Battla emerged as the clear winner of the night. Sonya Battla’s designs, in smoky grey and vivid red, accompanied with layers of impeccably pleated organza, displayed the mastery of craft. It relied on playing with fabric as opposed to covering it with embellishment and embroidery, and that is what makes Sonya Battla such a coveted designer label. And while the question that arose is whether an unconventional collection made sense at a commercial event, it is always reassuring to see a designer pushing the design envelope as opposed to succumbing to consumer demand. Sonya Battla is one of Pakistan’s few designers who have managed to strike a balance between both.

So, without a further ado, here we present a list of excellent and awesome collection of some interesting, beautiful and elegant pictures of Soniya Battla’s Mehshal Boutique Dresses. Although we have already posted some articles on Soniya Battla Profile, Sonia Battla Lawn 2010, Sonya Battla Casual Wear Dresses and Sonya Battla Clothes with Model Vaneeza Ahmed. In this post we present you the Soniya Battla’s Mehshal Boutique Collection. Let’s have a look at these collection in detail.

Soniya Battla’s Mehshal Boutique Designs – Gallery