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Sonya Battla Casual Dress Creations

Sonya Battla is called the ”Queen of Cuts.” Yet few people can truly claim familiarity with her work. Sonya Battla has become a household name, and yet the clothes that bear that name retain an elusive quality that borders on the mysterious. In an age where a hyper-expansionary media is stealthily generating a national obsession with all things fashion, designer Sonya Battla has gracefully sidestepped overexposure to occupy the plum position of a designer who continues to pique people’s curiosity.

One of her label’s defining characteristics, which is particularly fascinating in the context of our nation’s overarching gild-happy fashion philosophy, is its estrangement from gratuitous embellishment. That is not to say that Sonya’s clothes and Lawns are bereft of all feminine whimsy. Their prudish flirtation with the trappings of ornamentation is a study in understatement. Her subtle touch can be observed in every step of the creative process, from the collection’s predominant emphasis on neutral hues to the streamlined fall of the fabric to the delicately evocative trimmings.

Sonya does not allow any of her Boutique to become merely a glorified display case for an original piece of embroidery. She exerts a strict control on the amount of bling so that it serves to enhance, rather than engulf, the underlying structural refinement of her dresses. Her motifs, the fruits of extensive theme-based research, liberally digress from the conventionally-employed flora of the season, blossoming instead from other gardens of inspiration such as geometric shapes, calligraphy, animals, etc., that adeptly complement the cut.

This kind of mastery in one’s vocation is the ultimate validation of one’s true calling. Further proof is provided by Sonya’s frequent appearance in the nomination lists of many fashion related awards for best pret designer. She is also a regular fixture on the Indian catwalks. Sonya Battla’s new collection, as displayed on these pages, arose from her fascination with body language and motion, which are most notably exemplified by dance. The clean and fluid lines symbolise the grace of the movement all the while highlighting the beauty of the form. It is the harmonisation of the aesthetic with the kinetic.

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