Split Dresses Fashion 2010

Gallery – Split Dress Fashion 2010

Thigh-baring trend lets fashionable (and well-toned) women showcase assets.

A great divide is sweeping the country, and it’s affecting women of all ilks, moods, fashion modes and stations of life. You see it on the runways, in the clubs, on the street, at formal dinners and luncheons, and even in the workplace–whether it should be there or not.

Split Fashion

It is the split, sometimes called the slit. And it’s taking summer legs and thighs by storm. This stealthy, trendy style craze starts at the ankle and rises to the knee, the thigh or the waist, and in most cases has folds of fabric that fall open when you walk or sit, or even stand. Those who are more demure should opt for the knee-length split.

Straight Skirts & Dresses

This summer, there is an abundance of fashionable attire that shows off the wearer’s hardest-working asset–the leg. In most cases, the split will grace only one side of the garment, though the style element has been known to offer perspectives from both sides. The split shows up in casual clothing in long, straight skirts made of fabrics that vary from synthetic jerseys to flowing silk and cooling cottons and linens. Knee-length suits and dresses also join the split parade. For glorious summer nights out on the town, the split accessorizes straight, floor-length sheaths as well as ruffled, lacy, sequined and sheer gowns.

Sexy Summer Look

With the split, women can create a sexy summer look that rivals the miniskirt and is much more graceful and elegant. It is a great example of how showing a little is much more effective than showing it all. Women of all heights and body-types find the style flattering, and there is plenty of fashionable attire with splits and slits to suit your particular body-type and your personal style.

So, be adventurous this summer and show a little thigh, or a lot of leg.