Eye Redness Information and Solutions

The eyes are among the most abused organs in the body, although they have one of the most important functions. Eye irritation and redness is very common. Although it does go away after a while, many still find this condition irksome, irritating and embarrassing. What if you have to be in a photo shoot or meet a person you like? Your red eyes will not be very appealing.

Eyes are the vital organs of our body yet they are among the most ill-treated organs in the body. Eye problems like eye irritation and eye redness are common problems. Eye redness disappears after sometime but this condition may cause a lot of irritation and embarrassment.

Eye redness may be caused due to many reasons like improper rest and insufficient sleep. Dry eyes and infections can also cause eye redness. If you frequently use eye drops or use contact lenses, redness of eyes may result. Drinking excessively often leads to eye redness. An eye injury or dust particle can also give rise to eye redness.

It can be very unpleasant experience to attend a meeting or visit your office with bloodshot eyes. And if you are to pose for a photograph it may be even more undesirable. If you are looking for some tips on how to get rid of eye redness here are some useful tips.

Getting Rid Of Eye Redness:

If you wear contact lenses, your chances of getting red eyes are high. You wear contact lenses for a reason, don’t you? You don’t want to cover your eyes and you surely don’t want to wear nerdy glasses, but what’s the use of wearing contact lenses if they are going to cause your eyes to look red. Check with your ophthalmologist (an eye expert) before buying or wearing contacts. Your ophthalmologist will help you buy the right pair of lenses.

Buying the wrong pair of lenses can lead to adverse reactions. Once you’ve chosen the right pair of lenses, make it a point to clean them with the cleaning solution. Do not sleep with your lenses on and if you use eye drops, remove your lenses before using the same. Your hands and fingers have to be clean when you touch your lenses. Touching your lenses with dirty hands can definitely cause eye infections. Clean your lens case and never share your lenses with anyone.

Develop good eye habits! Don’t rub your eyes too much. Rubbing your eyes frequently can dilate the small blood vessels in the eye and make them red. Also, the bacteria and dirt in your hands can get into your eyes and cause the redness of the same. Be wary when using soaps and cosmetics, do not use consumables that are high on chemicals.

The chemicals in these products can, not only cause your eyes to turn red, but can also harm your eyes in the long run. Do not spend too many hours in front of the TV and avoid staring at the computer screen for long durations. Lastly, try staying away from dusty and smoky places, and if you smoke, kill the habit, the allergens in the smoke of your cigarette can cause your eyes to turn red.

Play it cool, your eyes mostly become red because of a lack of moisture or general dryness. You’ve got to bring your eyes back to their normal temperature. To cool your eyes down, take a clean cloth, soak it in fresh and cool water for a few minutes, take it out, squeeze out the excess water and place it on your eyes. The damp cloth should do wonders for your red eyes.

The cloth should stay on your eyes for a few minutes or so. If your eyes are both red and puffy, here’s an effective method to deal with the problem. Get yourself a bowl of ice-cold water or milk and soak some cotton wool pads in it. Take the pads out after a few minutes. The next thing to do is lie down with the pads over your eyes, once the pads dry, replace them with freshly soaked ones. Do this for around fifteen to twenty minutes.

Use eye drops to battle your red eyes. Eye drops are chemical fluids that function by constricting the small blood vessels in the eyes. This constriction reduces the redness in the eye. There are different kinds of eye drops for different kinds of eye ailments. For red eyes, use an eye drop with a decongestant and a lubricant. For itchy and red eyes, you’ve got to use an antibiotic eye drop. Before using an eye drop, make it a point to read the instructions at the back of the product. Following these instructions will help you get rid of the redness in your eyes.