How to Get Rid of Dark Circles: Eye Bags

Dark Circles are dark blemishes around the eyes. They are also called as Eye bags and Raccoon attack. Round, uniform areas of pigmentation form beneath the eyes. Dark circles tend to make people look older than they actually are. Both men and women can get affected by dark circles, and although dark circles are prevalent among adults, children also develop them.

Many factors are responsible for the formation of these under-eye circles. Heredity is the primary cause of dark circles. Like hair texture, eye color and skin tone, dark circles are also inherited. Apart from heredity, many other factors cause the appearance of dark circles under the eyes. Exposure to the sun can aggravate dark circles. Sunlight darkens the skin as the melanin levels are brought to the surface on exposure to sunlight. There is a link between allergies and dark circles. Allergies frequently cause itching around the eyes. Rubbing the eyes and the skin around the eyes makes the skin around the eyes darker. Aging makes the dark circles darker. Aging causes the skin of the face to thin; hence this causes the thinner skin to allow the discoloration to be seen easily. In some cases, lack of vitamins can cause dark circles. Not eating a balanced healthy diet causes dark circles to appear. Fatigue and lack of sleep do not cause dark circles but emphasize the existing ones. The skin becomes pale due to lack of sleep or some illness and so the dark circles become more noticeable then. Dry skin can also lead to dark circles. Excessively dry skin leads to itching of the skin thus resulting in discoloration. Pregnancy and menstruation also cause the skin to pale. Hormones are also associated with dark circles by many people, but hormones cause only paleness of skin.

Almost everyone has some tips on how to remove dark circles. Some of the effective home remedies are thin slices of cucumber applied to the eyes. This soothes, cools and lightens the skin around the eyes. Leaving a used tea bag over the eyes diminishes the under-eye circles and removes puffiness as the caffeine in tea contains antioxidants. Covering the eyes with thin slices of potato results in blood circulation around the eyes, thus diminishing the dark circles. Applying a paste of tomato juice, lemon juice and flour around the eyes is one of the measures. Putting crushed fresh mint over the eyes removes dark circles. Applying a paste of pineapple juice and turmeric powder on the eyes or using cotton balls soaked in water or milk over the eyes also remove dark circles. Having a good sleep and consuming vegetables rich in vitamin C and iron also helps in improving the skin around the eyes. The best soap for dry skin is the one that has gentle moisturizing effect which helps in diminishing dark circles.

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